What can you recycle?

Please rinse containers that have had food or milk in them. Please   do not wash cool drink, detergent & such like bottles, as it wastes water unnecessarily.    


What we can recycle



What we cannot recycle




Container E.g..   Bottles & Jars

No windscreens, reinforced, fridge shelves etc.

(Must have recycling logo 

No   1 (PET) e.g. Water, fizzy drinks, some detergent,  juice bottles etc

No numbers 3 & 7

 with the number NSIDE the triangle or 

No  2 (PE-HD) e.g. Most detergents, milk, some shampoo's, shopping bags etc 

No numbers 3 & 7

abbreviation below logo e.g. PET, PE-HD, PE-LD, PP OR PS) 

No   4 (PE-LD) e.g. Film type plastic e.g. sliced bread, frozen veg, milk bags, plastic new appliances wrapped in etc. 

No Cling wrap. How to test. If it makes a serrated edge when torn it is a No 4. If straight/smooth line when torn not No4.


No   5 (PP) e.g. Ice-cream, some yoghurt/marg/feta/clear & black tray type packaging. Different colour trays that fruit come in.  (sometimes the number is not there instead PP=No 5. PET=No 1

No plastic unless it has the recycling logo with the number we can recycle INSIDE the triangle or the abbreviation below the logo. E.g. PET, PP


No 6 (PS) e.g. Yoghurt containers, meat trays, clam take-away containers

No white   polystyrene packaging that makes little white balls when broken found in packaging of new appliances. 


Newspaper - Any type of paper made from newsprint

No paper that has wax/foil/plastic film attached e.g. waxed banana boxes, dog food bags, tetrapax, milk/juice cartoons.


Magazines   - Includes glossy junk mail

Same as above


Office/White  - Can be used, have  print on it, envelopes, used exercise books etc.

Same as above


Common Mix e.g. Egg/cereal type boxes, coloured paper etc

Same as above


Cardboard - is 3 layers of paper - middle bit being corrugated

Same as above


Please flatten boxes


Tins & cans


All types, including metal lids and tops. 

No tv,s computers, keyboards etc



No batteries, light bulbs.



No tattered / torn / broken.



No chemical / hazardous / flammable substances